Should Kenya Moore Drop Her Assault Charges Against Porsha Stewart?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Should Kenya Moore Drop Her Assault Charges Against Porsha Stewart?

Now that we’ve finally seen the way things went down between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore on Real Housewives of Atlanta’s “Reunion, Part 1” episode, we can actually form our opinions on where we stand on this fight. But despite whichever “Team” we fall in on this whole thing, the fact remains that Porsha has been charged with assault for her actions.

This is a new issue for Bravo, as never has a Housewife filed legal action against one of her co-stars — especially for such a physical offense. Consensus of viewers seems to be that Porsha was pushed to her breaking point before lashing out at Kenya — but does that mean she shouldn’t face the consequences?

During last night’s April 20 “Reunion, Part 1” ep of RHoA, Wetpaint Entertainment partnered with Viggle LIVE! to ask users whether they believed Kenya should drop her charges against Porsha, and we were sort of surprised by the result! More users (57 percent, to be exact) said that Kenya should not give up on her legal actions, as she has the right to protect herself. Meanwhile, only 43 percent believe that the former Miss USA is overreacting to the situation and should let it go.

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To be fair, that hair grab was pretty jarring to watch, and we can imagine it really hurt Kenya. But she sprung back up pretty quickly (seriously, Weebles rebound slower than she did!), and didn’t seem too worse for wear. Between Porsha’s embarrassment and Kenya’s pain, can we just call this one even, ladies?

Do you think Porsha deserves to be charged? Tell us in the comments below.

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