Kenya Moore Claims the Ear-Pulling Incident With NeNe Leakes Was an Act of Affection
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Kenya Moore Claims the Ear-Pulling Incident With NeNe Leakes Was an Act of Affection

Eyebrows hit the roof when Kenya Moore dared to lay her hands on NeNe Leakes during a heated confrontation between the divas on the Season 6 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But — surprise, surprise — Kenya doesn't think she did anything wrong.

The "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" star took to her Bravo blog to defend her actions during her argument with NeNe.

"I never raised my voice, I never attacked her nor called her out of her name. I’ve always been an affectionate person who touches, and I was simply trying to have a civilized conversation with NeNe. Therefore, touching her ear was not aggressive. And she clearly didn’t see it that way either," Kenya wrote.

We're guessing that most people didn't see it that way, considering that the women were clearly having a disagreement over whether or not it was right for NeNe to invite Kenya's ex, Walter, to her wedding.

And, speaking of old Walt, Kenya insists that NeNe should have at least let her know that her ex had gotten an invitation in the first place.

After claiming that she had actually let NeNe know via a private text that she wouldn't be able to attend her wedding, Kenya adds, "At that time I felt she could have also shared the info of her invitation to my ex. It wasn’t required of her, but in my upbringing, it would have been common courtesy to inform me personally," concluding, "NeNe knew where that relationship stood… All the more reason to inform me as a friend that she had invited him to her wedding."

Oh, the drama!

Do you believe that Kenya's ear-pulling was meant to be affectionate? Sound off below!

Source: BravoTV Blog

11.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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