Kenya Moore Finds a Dog — Is She Ready to Move On After Velvet? (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Finds a Dog — Is She Ready to Move On After Velvet? (PHOTO)

Losing a pet can be devastating, but if there’s one thing that can help take your mind off the death of an animal companion, it’s finding an adorable puppy!

Kenya Moore, who recently lost her beloved dog, Velvet, after she was attacked by a larger dog outside of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s house, recently found herself with a new companion — albeit a temporary one.

Kenya posted a photo of an adorable puppy to Instagram on Monday, explaining that she had encountered the little guy after he got away from his owners.

“Found this little guy who was lost yesterday. Only 7 months... Glad I could help reconnect him to his family.#waldo,” Kenya told her followers.“Velvet and him would have been great friends. Wasn't meant to be.”

While Velvet’s sudden death seemed to be a major blow for Kenya, the dog’s passing hasn’t garnered exclusively sympathy — in fact, it’s been the catalyst for more rumors than any death since Tupac’s.

After Kenya’s friend, Brandon, posted old photos of Velvet to Twitter after her death, multiple sources claimed that Velvet was still very much alive and living with Brandon on the West Coast.

If Velvet’s still alive and kicking, we think the world is overdue for her return — or, at the very least, it may be time for Kenya to get a new four-legged friend.

Do you think it’s time for Kenya to get a new dog or is it too soon?

Source: Instagram