Phaedra Parks Blows Up Kenya Moore’s History With Christopher Williams!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks Blows Up Kenya Moore’s History With Christopher Williams!

A lot of breath has been wasted debating whether Christopher Williams actually grabbed Kenya Moore’s arm at the chaotic Pillow Talk Party. During tonight’s (May 4) “Reunion, Part 3” episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the discussion came up once again, and after watching the footage back, no one could deny that NeNe Leakes’s friend had put his hand on Kenya — but Phaedra Parks offered up quite an interesting backstory to go along with it.

As evidence will show, Christopher had a firm grip on the former Miss USA’s arm — though this only occurred after she jumped up during her argument with his wife, Natalie. Kenya justified this, however, by saying that she was simply trying to have a closer conversation with the Friend of the Housewives.

“I think it’s really sad when you have a man put his hands on a woman in front of men and women and no one is doing something,” she told the reunion crew, including the Househusbands. “No man should put his hands on a woman, especially if it’s not his woman.”

Most agreed that there was a definite physical interaction, though some like Kandi claimed it was simply a “what are you doing?” move than a violent gesture. But Kenya’s foe Phaedra Parks thinks there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

“Let’s be clear, weren’t you sleeping with him at one time?” Phaedra said about Christopher. “Wasn’t that the real issue? That’s why you were so upset with his wife, because you were sleeping with him? Ain’t that correct?”

“Oh my!” muttered Gregg Leakes, who basically spoke what we were all thinking. If this is true — Kenya never directly responded to that allegation — then the entire Pillow Talk party brawl holds a totally different meaning. Can someone please clarify this?

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