Is Kenya Moore Jealous of Porsha Stewart? Porsha Says…
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is Kenya Moore Jealous of Porsha Stewart? Porsha Says…

There's no denying that Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore are not chums. But is one of them jealous of the other?

Porsha appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and was asked by a pro-Porsha caller whether Porsha thinks Kenya might be jealous of her.

For the record, Porsha appears to think so. "I think that she sees me as competition for some reason, and maybe now that I'm single, she really sees me as competition, so she comes for me," Porsha responds.

However, Porsha says she's no longer going to be a pushover this season. "But this season I can definitely say, Porsha 5.0 is not having none of that," she says.

"Yeah, Porsha 5.0 gets down this season," Porsha continues, still speaking in third person for some reason. "I'm just about speaking my mind, so if you come for me, I will definitely take care of you."

Meanwhile, Kenya herself was on WWHL last week and explained where she feels their relationship is at. "For me in my perspective, Porsha did a lot of laughing and taunting and making fun of my relationship and where I was, even if I wasn't in a happy place," Kenya explains.

So it sounds like these two will have plenty more drama in store for us this season. Buckle up.

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