Kenya Moore Lashes Back at Phaedra Parks, Calls Out Apollo Nida’s “Whorish Ways”
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Lashes Back at Phaedra Parks, Calls Out Apollo Nida’s “Whorish Ways”

Kenya Moore took a serious verbal beating from Phaedra Parks on the March 9 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Kenya is definitely retaliating in her BravoTV blog this week.

As the women headed to Mexico for a couples trip, Phaedra debated about whether or not to bring her hubby, Apollo Nida, due to his past inappropriate behavior with Kenya. Ultimately, she did decide to bring him. But even though she decided to move on, that doesn't mean she didn't slip in some choice names for Kenya, changing her last name to Whore-Moore and then Moore-Whore.

Here's what Kenya had to say:

"Phaedra’s immature name-calling is as tired as her blaming me for Apollo’s whorish ways. She has unjustly targeted me for her miserable marriage and unfaithful husband often calling me 'manless.' Taking a page from her playbook, any woman can get a man, all they have to do is visit a prison yard and get pregnant," she countered, hitting below the belt.

She went on to remind Phaedra that nothing ever happened between her and Apollo — because of her actions, not his.

"I’m not the other woman for her to hate. In fact, she should be thanking me for not being interested in Apollo. I never was and I never will be," she wrote, adding, "We know his eyes are never on her and that’s painful for any woman to experience. We have all been there and we all see who Apollo really is. Unfortunately, I don’t think she is capable of the truth or interested in facts, just slander."

Yikes! Do you agree that Apollo is to blame and not Kenya? Sound off below!

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