Kenya Moore Walks Around Harvard With an Older Man — Is He Her Boyfriend?
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Kenya Moore Walks Around Harvard With an Older Man — Is He Her Boyfriend?

Another day, another man supposedly “revealed” to be Kenya Moore’s mysterious African prince. Except, this time it’s not a Nigerian rapper. It’s oil tycoon and billionaire businessman Tonye Cole. And after further digging, we’re sort of inclined to believe this one.

Earlier in the week, Kenya clued her Twitter fans in on the fact that she was visiting the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was sort of an odd choice for the Housewife, but through her tweets, it was clear she was feeling a little wistful about what could have been with her academic career.

“Sitting here on campus of @Harvard wondering what I have done with my life. I went to schools for gifted and lost my way... Mixed emotions,” she wrote. She later added, “Looking out of window on campus Overhearing conversations and debates about law and Darwin... Great minds.”

At first it just seemed like Kenya was visiting just for fun, but after one overlooker snapped a pic of her walking with a mysterious older-looking gentleman, the buzz kept buzzin’. According to the source, the man in question was the aforementioned Tonye, CEO of the Sahara Group, an international energy conglomerate. He was invited to speak at the Ivy League school, and it’s believed that the former Miss USA accompanied him on the trip.

One small problem: Tonye is a married family man. Now, we’re not jumping to any conclusions here. There’s a chance Tonye and Kenya are just friends. Or perhaps everyone’s out of date on the businessman’s home life. We’ll have to see what happens next.

Head over here to see the pic of the rumored couple. What do you think? Is he her rumored African prince?!

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Source: Urban Belle Magazine

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