Kenya Moore Says Porsha Stewart Is Like an Abusive Husband — Why? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Says Porsha Stewart Is Like an Abusive Husband — Why? (VIDEO)

Last week, Porsha Williams got to tell Andy Cohen her side of the drama during a special one-on-one session following the conclusion of the Season 6 Reunion. And this week, Kenya Moore fired back in her own private chat with Andy. Following the "Secrets Revealed" episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on May 11, Kenya sat down to discuss the violent incident that took place with Porsha during the Reunion, among other things.

Although Andy gave Porsha a chance to apologize to Kenya during her interview, Porsha said she felt like she and Kenya could maybe get to a point where they could apologize to each other. When Andy showed Kenya the footage, the "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" star called Porsha’s argument a stretch — even comparing her to a husband who beats on his wife and then blames her for his actions!

"I think that she is a person who is incapable of showing contrition. She's not remorseful for what she did. And I don't think that someone who is attacked would have to apologize for being attacked," Kenya commented, adding, "I think that's similar to saying, if you're a husband and you beat up your wife, and the husband says 'well, she provoked me, so she deserved it' … that's essentially what Porsha is saying. You deserve to be hit, you provoked me. And, unfortunately, that's a sad commentary for someone who claims to have been abused themselves."

Kenya makes an interesting point.

Do you agree with Kenya that Porsha is wrongfully turning the tables around? Share your thoughts below!

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