Kenya Moore Is Disturbed By Porsha Stewart Fueling Gay Rumors About Kordell
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Is Disturbed By Porsha Stewart Fueling Gay Rumors About Kordell

Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has barely just begun, but the drama levels are higher than ever, especially when it comes to Porsha Stewart's divorce. Now that Porsha and Kordell are dunzo, Porsha has made a few comments insinuating that her ex-husband may be playing for the other team… and we're not talking about football.

In her latest Bravo blog, Kenya Moore throws in her two cents on the situation, but before she weighs in on the gay rumors, she points out that she did make an effort to reach out to her on-screen rival.

"Even though Porsha has never apologized to me for anything she has said or done to me, including laughing, often taunting me with the fact that I wasn’t married or that my ex didn’t propose to me and reveling in my struggle, I still reached out to her when I heard the news of her divorce and wished her well," she writes.

Kenya then adds, "With that said, I find it quite disturbing that Porsha and her family go on and on about the fact that Kordell may be gay. After all, she told the world she had a 'picture perfect life' and married the 'man of her dreams.' Cut to Porsha sitting with the attorney agreeing to take him back if he abided by a 'list.' Well, a thinking person with a brain would ask the question that if the main problem was that he is possibly gay, why would you want him back? I don’t think Porsha is telling the whole truth. That’s always been my opinion of her and it remains the same after listening to her recall the 'facts' about their marriage."

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