Kenya Moore: Hopefully Porsha Stewart Will Get Married For the Right Reasons Next Time!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore: Hopefully Porsha Stewart Will Get Married For the Right Reasons Next Time!

Kenya Moore turned up the heat on Porsha Williams this week when she concluded that her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie basically signed on to be a gay man's "beard" when she married Kordell Stewart. Naturally, Porsha was annoyed with Kenya for jumping to this conclusion based on only half of what she'd said, but Kenya is sticking to her guns.

"When a woman states she married a man to 'erase' his 'tainted' celebrity, I hear 'I was his beard.' I’ve heard half a dozen accounts on what her marriage was, and it’s clear Porsha can’t keep up with her own statements," Kenya wrote in her BravoTV blog.

She went on to add that she doesn't care either way if Kordell is gay or if their marriage was real or not, but she does hope Porsha will say "I do" for the right reasons in the future.

"I don’t care about Kordell’s sexuality any more than I care about their marriage,” Kenya continued. “But I do care about the truth. I’m not sure how one 'slays mud' as Porsha said, but that damage was already done in the beginning of her divorce by calling Kordell 50 different gay queens. They were married less than 2 years and have both moved on."

But before she finished, Kenya couldn’t help but throw in a little dig about Porsha’s money situation. "Now that she has to make a way for herself, I wish her well. Whether it’s a short-term marriage as theirs was, or a serious relationship, all teach us how to choose better partners. Hopefully, for the right reasons next time around."


Do you agree with Kenya that Porsha was covering Kordell's secret or is she making wild assumptions? Sound off below!

Source: BravoTV Blog