Kenya Moore Talks About Her Sex Life With Mysterious African Prince (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Talks About Her Sex Life With Mysterious African Prince (VIDEO)

We don’t know how she does it, but that Kenya Moore has kept the lid tight on her relationship with the mysterious “African prince” — so much so, that some people don’t believe he exists. However, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star maintains that he is very real, and a newly-released clip from earlier in the season gives us more insight into his identity.

The cut scene, from RHoA’s “Secrets Revealed” episode, shows NeNe Leakes and Kenya driving in the car — in happier times of their friendship. The women get into a very personal (TMI?) chat about their sex lives, and NeNe pries into how things are going in Kenya’s long distance relationship.

“You been giving up that Hello Kitty, girl? Yaas, Miss Kenya!” NeNe asks her then-pal in the car, as she imitates her growling “like a kitty cat” and Kenya giggles.

“When your man lives many continents away, you have to learn how to keep it fresh,” Kenya elaborates to the Bravo cameras, adding, “You might have to open up your computer screen and uncross your legs sometimes.” Whoa lady! Did we really need the full visual?

Of course, we should have known that the outspoken, seemingly-shameless Housewife would be so willing to dish on that part of her personal life. And she wasn’t finished just yet. “I must remain a lady at all times and I do not kiss and tell,” Kenya says coyly in the confessional. “But what I can say, if I do kiss something, it is not small. I try to find that out early in the relationship because I’m a size queen.” OK, we’re seriously blushing now.

But who is this guy? Well NeNe helps us viewers out by probing her for clues — aka asking how young the dude is.

“He’s not that young but he’s younger than me. He’s in his 30s,” Kenya details. “The best sex is with a younger guy.” So that just threw a wrench in our theory that the prince is the older oil tycoon she was spotted with last week….

But jumping back to the car, NeNe is not pleased with Kenya’s claims that younger is better. “Girl you on some bulls—t,” she fires back playfully. “You know my man can put it down.” Stand up for Gregg, girl!

The two women then get into the nitty gritty about the love-making styles of men of different ages, so if you want to see that, click on the video below!

Who do you think Kenya’s boyfriend is? And do you miss NeNe and Kenya as friends? Tell us in the comments below.

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