Kenya Moore Searches For a Sperm Donor (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Searches For a Sperm Donor (VIDEO)

The previous couple of episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been a bit slower than usual, but by the looks of it things will be picking up this Sunday, January 26, in a big way. We’ve already told you about the upcoming brawl — ya know, the one where the Househusbands throw punches in silk robes as their wives watch from the sidelines and scream in horror — and now it’s time to focus on a different part of the sneak peek clip.

Kenya Moore has been very vocal about her desire to have a child pretty much as soon as possible, and in this Sunday’s episode she heads to a sperm bank in search of the perfect suitor.

“Do you happen to have Michael Jordan’s sperm in there at all?” she curiously asks the front desk clerk.

While we’re willing to bet that the basketball legend’s sperm isn’t on file, Kenya nonetheless goes on to declare herself “a sperm expert” and peeks at a variety of little swimmers through the lense of a microscope.

“Oh my god! They’re so little!” she exclaims as her pal Miss Lawrence looks on.

As far as we know, Kenya hasn’t found her ideal donor just yet — nor has she ruled out having a child with her mysterious billionaire boyfriend — but she recently had surgery to remove fibroids, which will increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Kenya revealed that she plans to become a mom in 2014 no matter what, and it’s clear that she’s taking all of the necessary steps to make sure that happens.

Do you think a trip to the sperm bank is TMI for reality television, or are you glad Kenya is being so open and honest about her life? Watch the sneak peek below and tell us your thoughts!