Kenya Moore Threatens to Go “Crazy” on Someone Who’s “Messing With Her Family”
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Threatens to Go “Crazy” on Someone Who’s “Messing With Her Family”

Kenya Moore is at it again! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star went on Twitter to let her rage fly, but we are still trying to figure out who she's talking to. At times, it seems like she could be directing her angry messages at Porsha Stewart, although NeNe Leakes is another likely candidate. In general, it seems that Kenya is simply addressing all of her haters.

Kenya started her rant by referring to people that start "nasty fights" with her, which makes us think of Porsha, but she also talks about them hurting people they love. Last we checked, Porsha never exactly "loved" Kenya.

"It's sad that ppl try 2 hurt ppl they love because they refuse to be truthful. So they'd rather hurt you with 'kill shots' and nasty fights," Kenya wrote.

Her next post is definitely aimed at someone specific, who apparently tried to mess with her family. She finishes her thought with a little threat. "I am strong but I only have 2 cheeks. You mess with my family u are messing with my life. What did you expect to happen? won't end well 4 u," she added.

Finally, Kenya offers her followers a friendly reminder that they ain't seen nothing yet. "Ppl love to call me crazy but I'm the sanest MF I know! Now if you want CRAZY I can show you 50 shades of crazy. #50shadesofcrazy," Kenya concluded.

Who do you think Kenya is talking to in her Tweets? Share your theories in the comments section below!