Kenya Moore Says Apollo Nida Used Her to “Cover Up What He’s Really Been Doing” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Says Apollo Nida Used Her to “Cover Up What He’s Really Been Doing” (VIDEO)

After last year’s Real Housewives of Atlanta textgate and all of the he-said, she-said noise between Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida, we never thought we’d see these two in the same room together again — forget a vacay to Mexico! But to our surprise, Apollo and his wife Phaedra Parks did show up to Kenya’s couples trip in this week’s March 9 ep, and things seem to be going okay… at least so far.

But in a sneak peek for next week’s episode, it appears that Kenya will finally confront Apollo about his past claims that the former Miss USA propositioned him (unsuccessfully) in L.A. last year. Apparently, the Househusbands were in the midst of a little bro time when Kenya pops in for some real talk.

The former Miss USA starts things off casually, starting a little nice small talk and proving she can hang with the boys by puffing on a cigar. But after that, she sort of lays it all out on the table.

“From the beginning when I met you, I was like the biggest Apollo fan. And I think you know that,” Kenya begins. “I felt like, okay, I kind of get Apollo. It seemed as though, when Phaedra and I fell out, you and I were still cool and then I felt like you were trying to attack me, or make me look bad.”

“I feel the same way,” Apollo says, before Kenya interrupts him to say, “I never said anything negative against you.”

And it’s not just that she wants an apology… she wants him to explain himself. “Where is all this coming from? Because we both know that the stuff that you’re throwing out there, that that didn’t happen,” she points out, referring to the implication that she tried to hook up with him.

But here’s the kicker: Kenya then tells the Bravo cameras that Apollo’s been spreading these rumors “only to cover up what he’s really been doing.” Eek! Who’s the one spreading rumors now, girl?

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