Scandal star Kerry Washington is so beautiful and ageless, that sometimes it’s pretty hard to nail down just how old she actually is! Hollywood star Kerry Washington was born on January 31, 1977, making her 37 years old, but is that what you thought?

During the most recent episode of Scandal, Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up with Viggle LIVE! to see how well fans know their leading lady. It turns out, the answer is pretty well! 53 percent of responders correctly guessed that Kerry is 37, while 39 percent thought she she was 35, and only 8 percent though she was 40.

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For comparison, Kerry's on-screen lover, Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) is 53, and her fake (but kinda real) boyfriend Scott Foley (Jake) is 41. Meanwhile, Darby Stanchfield (Abby) is 42, and both Columbus Short (Harrison) is 31, Katie Lowes (Quinn) is 32, and Guillermo Diaz (Huck) is 38.

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