Kevin Alejandro on Comic Con, True Blood’s On-Set Antics and the Insane Season 4 Wrap Party - Exclusive
Kevin Alejandro on Comic Con, True Blood’s On-Set Antics and the Insane Season 4 Wrap Party – Exclusive
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True Blood

Kevin Alejandro on Comic Con, True Blood’s On-Set Antics and the Insane Season 4 Wrap Party – Exclusive


In part two of Wetpaint Entertainment’s exclusive interview with True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro, he dishes on what the atmosphere is like on set, juggling multiple roles on different shows, and his most epic Halloween costume.

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You just finished filming Season 4: What was the wrap party like?

It was insane! It was great. A couple of people weren’t able to make it because they got another job immediately after the show ended — Ryan [Kwanten] flew to Australlia, Nelsan [Ellis] had to fly to New York, Rutina [Wesley], same thing. Quite a few [cast members] are already working so I didn’t get to see a lot of them but the fans were awesome. The food was amazing and it’s always good to wrap something up with a group of people that you’ve all gone through this crazy journey with and one night — at the end of it all — you get to just get crazy and wild and leave it all there.

This crew is one of the coolest crews I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been really fortunate to work with great people and great crews and Southland and True Blood are by far my two favorites. I have good relationships with my crew and it’s super fun.

You’ve had a really busy year, appearing on True Blood, Southland, and Parenthood. How did you juggle all of these different projects?

Very carefully. [Laughs.] It hasn’t been that crazy as far as conflicting so much — a couple of days here and there. The production companies on each one of those shows have been so awesome putting it together for me, that I just don’t really have to think about it. I just go where they tell me to go, basically. But it’s been fun. I’m really fortunate to be able to do all of these things this year and hopefully more is to come.

Does the True Blood cast spend a lot of time together when you’re not filming?

The schedules are so crazy that the time that we do spend away from set, we’re sleeping [laughs.] Or like me and Nelsan, we both have kids and I have a wife, so the time off I love to spend at the beach with my family. I live at the beach so we’re surfing or walking around.

Occasionally Nelsan and I hang out every now and then. We’ve really developed a mutual respect for each other and friendship. He’s a great guy and I’ve learned so much from working with him. I know there’s a couple of other people who do hang out, but for the most part we’re trying to catch up on sleep.

Any funny on-set stories or mishaps?

Everyday, there’s some sort of funny mishap. Especially when we’re working late nights because everyone gets a little bit out of their own head, discombobulated, a little sleep-deprived. Everyone tends to get a little goofy. There’s a lot of lines that are messed up and a lot of jokes that are being thrown [laughs.] You can walk on set any given night at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and you’ll see something.

We’ve gotta ask: Team Bill or Team Eric?

I gotta be Team Eric, he’s so awesome this year. I don’t know, man, there’s so many twists and turns, it just goes every which way. This time around I’m Team Eric.

What are you looking forward to most about Comic-Con? Have you ever been before?

I’ve never been there and I hear it’s just madness, but in a great, great way. I don’t even know what to expect. All I know is that I’m going out there to have a great time — my wife’s going to be with me. I was peeking the invitations to different parties and they all sound so fun. I honestly have no idea what to expect but bring it on, baby! I’m ready, I love it. Can’t wait!

What does your family think of your role on True Blood?

Unfortunately, I come from a really small town and there’s not a lot of money there so they don’t have cable so they don’t get to watch it. They have literally two television stations: channel 12 and channel 13!

Do you ever bring your son to the set? Is he starting to understand what it means to be an actor?

Oh, absolutely. My kid is 3 years old and he’s just got this really great personality, sort of an old soul, I think. He and my wife both were on set with me last week before we wrapped and it’s just so funny. He met Nelsan [Ellis] last season, once — at a table read — and everytime he sees a picture of him he’s like, “Hey it’s Nelsan!”

The other day he was on set and he walked up to him [Nelsan] like he had been buddies with him forever, he was like, “Nelsan, what’s up man?” He gets it, it’s so funny. He can’t read yet but he’ll recognize the font or any poster for True Blood and the faces and then say, “True Blood! True Blood!”

Do you dress up for Halloween? What’s your go-to costume?

I don’t have a go-to costume but I freakin’ love Halloween. Me and my group of friends — we go off — we just get into it. We make our costumes, we’re kind of dorks in that way. [Two years ago] we all decided to go as 16th century vampires. We went all out and we got fabric and made our costumes, and really extravagant makeup and top hats, really detailed kind of stuff. We really get into it.

If you’re ever walking around Halloween night and you see somebody with an amazing costume and makeup, it’s probably me and my crew [laughs.]

What’s up next for you? Any projects in the works?

I have a movie coming out — Red State — Kevin Smith’s latest film, which I’m playing opposite John Goodman. That comes out in October, I believe, and I have another horror film called Cassadaga that should be coming out soon.

As far as upcoming work, I’m just kickin’ it right now. I’m auditioning here and there for some films and hopefully someone will bite and someone will trust and want to hire me, which would be awesome. If not, I’m just taking it easy, taking a little bit of a break and playing with my kid and playing with my wife. Doing what I love to do.