Kevin Jonas on Daughter Alena Rose: I Would Never Push Her in the Music Industry
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Kevin Jonas on Daughter Alena Rose: I Would Never Push Her in the Music Industry

Kevin Jonas has come a long way since his days as a heartthrob in his band, the Jonas Brothers — made up of his two siblings, Joe, 25, and Nick, 21. Nowadays, the 26-year-old is living the life as a new father to 6-month-old daughter, Alena Rose, with wife Danielle, 27.

Given that there’s music in Alena’s blood, Kevin insists that he’s going to let his daughter decide what career path she wants to follow — when the time comes, that is.

“If she told me she wanted to be in the music industry or the entertainment business one day, I would help her fulfill her dreams, but only if they were her dreams and not mine,” Kevin tells People. “I’d tell her the good and the bad, but I would never push her.”

Sure sounds like Alena already has Dad’s blessing! In fact, she’s got a lot more from her father than that. “Right when she wakes up, she’s in a really good mood. She’s very active and expressive. She takes a lot after me!” Kevin adds. How cute!

The couple — whose reality show Married to Jonas is currently on hiatus — welcomed their first child back in February, and while they’ve already clocked in six months of parenting, Kevin and Danielle are still learning how to juggle parenthood.

“What surprised me the most about having a baby was how long you can go without actually getting good rest!” Kevin says. “It’s incredible that your body will allow you to sleep for two hours, and then you’re up, and then two hours, and then you’re up.”

Kevin was quick to add, “At any moment, we’re either trying to get something accomplished or checked off our list. But it’s worth it. We have an amazing daughter.”

To that we say, welcome to parenthood!

Source: People

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