Kevin McKidd and Camilla Luddington Play Prank on Grey’s Anatomy Set
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Grey's Anatomy

Kevin McKidd and Camilla Luddington Play Prank on Grey’s Anatomy Set

Grey's Anatomy has new fodder for its blooper reel! Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt)

and Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson) just ruined a scene while filming an upcoming episode of the hit medical drama, but we're sure their coworkers were laughing too hard to care — assuming they weren't in a rush to get home!

"McKidd and I may or may not have just played a joke on our director and used our real accents for the entire take of a scene," Camilla tweeted on January 8.

"LOL!" Kevin responded, clearly embracing his inner tween with that text-speak. "Was fun… Not sure anyone understood us."

Oh, by the way, in case you didn't realize, Kev and Cam aren't from 'round these parts. They're not American-born — they just play it on TV!

Camilla was raised in Ascot, a town in the English county of Berkshire, but began practicing her Yankee accent at a young age. "Even at 5, I would go to the supermarket and pretend I had an American accent," she tells "I knew I wanted to act and that Hollywood and America were where the movie stars were. So to impersonate an American was the coolest thing."

She reveals to the site that she still has trouble with the Stateside pronunciation of some words — like "anytime" and "O.R."

Meanwhile, Kevin grew up in Elgin, Scotland, and thus has a Scottish accent — which he really amped up to voice the characters Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin in Brave, the latter of whom is hilariously incomprehensible.

Now we wanna see Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) use her natural, Australian accent. (Just kidding — Ellen is a Massachusetts gal!)


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