Kevin McKidd Reveals Surprising Role for Episode 8
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Grey's Anatomy

Kevin McKidd Reveals Surprising Role for Episode 8

The role of Grey’s Anatomy’s chief of surgery, Owen Hunt, isn’t the only one Kevin McKidd takes on — he loves directing every chance he gets. And now, Kevin’s trying his hand at another aspect behind the scenes of the show: editing.

Hey folks, how are you?,” Kevin tweeted on Wednesday. “Complete on shooting of ep #1008 @GreysABC. Excited to get into editing!”

That’s right: this multi-talented guy is not only starring in and directing the eighth episode of season 10, but he’s editing it too? And he can play a convincing trauma surgeon every week? We’re impressed.

What else do we know about episode 8? Earlier this week, Kevin promised an “intense” and “really interesting” plot for Callie and Arizona, a couple whose drama already keeps us on the edge of our seats. Could this be good news? There’s no way of knowing, so we’ll prepare for the worst. Yikes!

We love how much Kevin shares when he’s behind the camera — maybe he should start directing every episode. Spoiler city!

The good news is that we think it’s pretty likely he’ll direct and/or edit again before the season’s over, considering the fact that he’s directed five episodes of Grey’s prior to this one. By now, he’s a seasoned pro.

What do you think will go down in episode 8? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Kevin McKidd on Twitter