Kevin McKidd Shares Sexy Selfie From April’s Wedding (PHOTO)
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Kevin McKidd Shares Sexy Selfie From April’s Wedding (PHOTO)

April’s wedding may have been Sarah Drew’s big day to look beautiful on Grey’s Anatomy — which she totally did — but she’s gonna have to scoot over to make way for Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt). Recently, he posted a selfie on Twitter from the filming of the episode, and he looks awesome.

“Christmas bonus — selfie from April’s wedding,” Kevin said alongside a winky face when he posted the picture on Wednesday.

Looking good, McKidd! It may not have been his wedding day on the show, but the man does clean up nice.

And as far as selfies go, he may be getting a little carried away. The one taken at filming was the second one he posted that day, after this one that he took after receiving requests from his fans. We can totally understand why they were clamoring for more!

Can you imagine a Grey’s without Kevin McKidd? It was almost reality — recently, our current chief of surgery revealed that he said no to the role at first so he could be at home for his son’s birthday… but fate caught up with him, and he’s our Owen Hunt today!

In love with Kevin after seeing these pics, or will you always be all for McDreamy? Sound off below!

Source: Twitter

12.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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