If Sandra Oh Is Leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Will Kevin McKidd? He Says…
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Grey's Anatomy

If Sandra Oh Is Leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Will Kevin McKidd? He Says…

Grey's Anatomy is about to lose Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang), so what will become of her frequent scene partner, Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt)?

Kevin seems as in the dark about Cristina and Owen's fate as the rest of us, but from the sound of it, he's happy to stay on the show for as long as creator Shonda Rhimes and her posse of writers will have him.

"I'm from the highlands of Scotland," he tells the Philadelphia Daily News. "I still can't believe — I still pinch myself — that I'm living in … Hollywood, on a TV show, playing this great character, with these amazing actors around me."

He says that he loves how nuanced Owen is already but is eager to delve deeper into Owen's backstory.

"We learned a bit about his time in the war, but we don't really know much about his family and the other parts of his life. So we're hopefully going to find out more about him, outside of his professionalism."

Kevin expresses his immense gratitude to have played a number of great characters in his career so far, including steadfast soldier Lucius Vorenus in the HBO show Rome, whom Owen says is not unlike the good doctor on Grey's.

"Owen Hunt feels in a similar vein," he muses, "[a] very complex and sort of dark, sometimes, character. He hasn't got the sheen on him that, you know, some TV characters do. And I'm always attracted [to] slightly darker, tortured characters."

And though Hollywood has been good to the 40-year-old, he still pays homage to his motherland.

"I try to go back to Scotland twice a year because it just sort of grounds me," he reveals. "It's nice to go back to my hometown at least a couple of times a year and just walk it. All my pals are still my pals … Nothing's really changed, and I'm living this great roller-coaster ride right now, but my life really is also that. I'm not removed from that."

What do you think, readers? Could you imagine a Grey's Anatomy with Owen but no Cristina?

Source: Philadelphia Daily News

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