Lamar Odom Worried Khloe Kardashian Cheated With Matt Kemp — Report
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Lamar Odom Worried Khloe Kardashian Cheated With Matt Kemp — Report

Lamar Odom may have allegedly torpedoed his marriage with Khloe Kardashian by spending more time in the company of illicit substances and strange women than his wife, and yet, somehow, the former NBA star is the one feeling the burn, now that Khloe has reportedly moved on with Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. reports that Lamar is not only jealous of Khloe’s new romance, he’s increasingly concerned that Khloe and Matt’s relationship began before her marriage was over.

“Lamar feels betrayed because Khloe was telling him she wanted to save the marriage and he was really trying to do so,” says a source close to the couple.

“He was far from the perfect husband, but Lamar genuinely thought there was a chance to save the relationship. Khloe always told Lamar she was only friends with Matt, but friends have been telling him that she had been hooking up with Kemp for months.”

Despite the rumors that Khloe and Matt have been seeing each other for some time, Khloe publicly stood by her husband and was still wearing her wedding ring only weeks before she petitioned to end her marriage. Khloe has, in fact, been so adamant about protecting Lamar during their divorce that she’s implored members of the media to stop reporting about her relationship with Matt completely.

“This, in and of itself, is heart breaking and torture to my soul. Please, I don't need the extra rumors and BS right now,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

Do you think Khloe and Matt began their relationship before her divorce?

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