Khloe Kardashian’s New Plan for Getting Pregnant: What is She Doing?
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Khloe Kardashian’s New Plan for Getting Pregnant: What is She Doing?

Now that both Kim and Kourtney have babies of their own, it seems Khloe Kardashian is catching a bad case of baby fever and is super eager to start a family with husband Lamar Odom.

Khloe, 29, has been hoping to get pregnant since she married her hubby back in September 2009, but sadly nothing has worked for the happy couple. Now, more than ever, Khloe is determined to be a mom, and her determination has turned into a completely new plan for getting pregnant — a more laid-back approach.

While the road to pregnancy has been draining for Khloe, the auntie of three has yet to give up on having a baby of her own. Her new strategy involves ditching fertility medications and getting into great shape, which requires working out almost every day.

"People say you can get pregnant when you’re not even thinking about it and when you’re healthy and in a good place," one of Khloe's friends told Life & Style, "so she's taking that advice and just going for it."

Sure, Khloe is getting healthier by exercising, but she is also transitioning her eating habits to organic foods, following the advice of her older sister, Kourtney. And hello, have you SEEN Khloe lately? She's dropped nearly 30 pounds and looks super fabulous.

"She is hoping that without the extra weight or fertility meds, she can finally get pregnant naturally," the friend continued.

According to Los Angeles-area fertility physician Gayane Ambartsumyan, these changes can really do Khloe some good. "Khloe is young, so this approach may work for her," Gayane said. "I encourage all my patients to get their bodies and minds into the best shape to have a better chance of success."

We hope Khloe has some luck with this very soon so we can obsess over her baby!

Source: Life & Style