Khloe Kardashian Ready for a Baby with Lamar Odom!
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Khloe Kardashian Ready for a Baby with Lamar Odom!

Now that Kim Kardashian has had her bedazzled bundle of joy, it’s time for a new Kardashian kiddo to join the krew. Who’s next? Rumor has it younger sister Khloe has volunteered for the family fertility effort.

“Khloe’s eager to be a mom and wants her child to grown up with her here [sic] sisters’ kids,” a friend of the family reportedly told Hollywood Life. “She wants all the ‘munchkins’ to be running around together.”

As sweet an image as that is, Grandma Lovey Kris Jenner didn’t want her grand-kidlets coming too close together.

“Kris wanted Kim to be the focus when she was pregnant,” the source said. “She thought that having two pregnant daughters at the same time would somehow diminish the amount of endorsements they could get.”

Getting Kris’ blessing before making Baby strikes us as a bit creepy, but Khloe and husband Lamar Odom seem to have heeded the momager’s advice and waited for niece North West to emerge before planning their own visit from the stork.

As for those fertility concerns we’ve all heard about, Hollywood Life says they’ve been “exaggerated and pumped up for ratings.” Good! Now go make some mini-Lammys and Khlos, you two!

Source: Hollywood Life