Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Sexy Look, Hides Wedding Ring in New Pic (PHOTO)
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Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Sexy Look, Hides Wedding Ring in New Pic (PHOTO)

Khloe Kardashian probably isn’t having the greatest week, month, or even summer, but one thing is for sure: homegirl knows how to make sadness work for her.

While Lamar Odom was getting arrested for suspicion of DUI, somehow finding the world’s last Blockbuster, and allegedly giving his wife the cold shoulder this weekend, Khloe was showing the world that she’s still got it going on in spades with some sexy new Instagram photos that proved she doesn’t need her man around to have a good time.

After displaying her lighter ombre hair to her Twitter followers earlier in the week, Khloe gave the world a refresher course on her new look, this time also giving fans a glimpse of her hard-earned super-fit bod in a pair of short shorts and a black v-neck tee in a cute shot alongside BFF Malika Haqq and another party pal at Katy Perry's Labor Day Celebration.

The one thing conspicuously absent from the photo? Khloe’s wedding ring. For days now, she’s been either hiding her left hand or flashing her enormous rock to paparazzi in what seems to be her way of telling critics, “Hey, I’m still married.”

At the very least, Khloe still seems to be finding time for herself despite the drama that seems to follow her marriage at every turn, and she’s never looked better.

What do you think of her new look?

Source: Instagram