Khloe Kardashian Torments Kylie Jenner — All Caught on Camera!
Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram    

The Kardashians

Khloe Kardashian Torments Kylie Jenner — All Caught on Camera!

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are famously close with one another (beyond the occasional on-camera cat fight, of course). But even we have to draw the line at what Khloe recently pulled on little sis Kylie.

“This is how Khloe treats me on a daily basis,” the newly 16-year-old starlet tweeted, linking to a Keek (aka the Kardashian’s personal video website, pretty much).

What did Khloe do this time? Rub her face all over Kylie’s, that’s what! For 20 long seconds, Khloe takes a cue from her favorite exotic cats and pushes her sunglass-ed face all around her sister’s. Meanwhile Kylie wears the perfect “ohmygodreally?” face, her eyes desperately pleading for help.

In the riveting sequel to the first Keek, Khloe returns to mush Kylie’s face about like an old pile of Play-doh (you’re beautiful, Kylie!). Quick side note: Lamar haters please notice that Khloe’s wedding ring is still in its rightful position. It’s hard to miss seeing as that diamond is MASSIVE.

In recent weeks, Khloe’s been hanging out a lot with her little sisters. She, Kylie, and Kendall recently hit the road in a family RV, and now in these latest Keeks they appear to be on a plane. Seeing as we get bored on long trips, too, we understand Khloe’s stir-crazy antics. Still, we’ve got three words for you, Khlo: Personal space, please!

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