We should have known that Kris Jenner just might find opportunity in daughter Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's impending divorce.

After months of speculation and turmoil, Khloe filed for divorce7 from Lamar last week. Now, Khloe is reportedly in talks to get her own reality TV show about her dating life as a recently divorced single woman, according to Hollywood Life.

"Kris is going to turn Khloe’s marital misfortunes into a huge profit," says a source. "She wants to produce a reality based on Khloe’s new life as a single woman searching for love." Reportedly, the show would be called Single and Searching for Love.

"[Kris] thinks it’s a fantastic idea and wants to start taping as soon as possible to capture all of Khloe’s raw emotions," adds the family insider. 

So would Khloe's new rumored boyfriend Matt Kemp appear on the show? Not likely. "There’s definitely something going on between Khloe and Matt Kemp — nothing serious, but there is chemistry," claims the source. "But Kris wants to keep it on the down-low for now because it makes Khloe seem like she’s not really fazed by the divorce. Plus, the reality show would be about Khloe being single."

"Now if Matt wanted to be on the show, Kris would absolutely love that," the source adds. "They could tape episodes of Khloe’s dating life, and Kris knows this would bring in mega ratings."

Are you hoping Khloe gets a new show about her single life? Or do you think this is way too soon?

Source: Hollywood Life