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His soon-to-be ex-wife Khloe Kardashian is trying her best to move on with her life, but Lamar Odom seems pretty content with the way things are. At least, that’s how a new video from TMZ makes it seem.

The site caught up with Lamar on Sunday while the former L.A. Clippers player was leaving a Hollywood nightclub at 2am. Now, considering that Lamar is still trying to get the NBA to take him back after his recent substance abuse issues, partying until the wee hours of the morning doesn’t exactly seem like the best idea. Of course, we have no idea if Lamar was actually drinking inside the club but still...

Another interesting bit about his outing: Lammy was still wearing his wedding ring, despite the fact that Khloe filed for divorce on December 13 and hasn’t been wearing her ring for a while.

But while this video would suggest that Lamar is still living in the past, plenty of other reports make it seem like he couldn’t be more ready to put it all behind him. An unnamed source recently told Hollywood Life that Lamar is “relieved he’s no longer a part of all that media circus,” and that he’s totally fine with the rumors that Khloe may have already moved on. “It’s better a new dude than him,” the source said.

You know a better way to prove he’s turned over a new page? Showing off a more clean-up image and not going out to a club until 2 a.m. Just sayin’.

Source: TMZ