Credit: Splash News

Though Khloe Kardashian was at one point very intent on having a baby with Lamar Odom, we figured all that had changed in light of recent events. But could it be true that she’s expecting now, when they’re a mere court date away from being officially ex? That’s what a recent MediaTakeOut report claims.

The gossip site professes that Khloe has told her family she’s pregnant and asked them to keep it quiet until momager Kris Jenner can figure out the right way to break the news.They also claim that, while Khloe is pretty sure the alleged baby is Lamar’s, there’s an “outside possibility” that Matt Kemp is the baby daddy.

However, we have some pretty serious doubts as to the veracity of this “news”. And with good reason, it would seem. As Hollywood Life reports, Khloe’s rep is already shooting this rumor down. Another source close to Koko says it’s not just untrue — it’s basically impossible.

“Lamar and Khloe haven’t been intimate in a very long time, like six months long,” the source affirms. “If she were pregnant by him, she’d already be showing or close to giving birth. She’s not pregnant.”

While the source made no mention of the possibility that she’s expecting with rumored new beau Matt Kemp as her baby daddy, we’re pretty sure we can call this particular piece of gossip successfully squashed.

Seriously — doesn’t Khloe have enough going on in her life right now without false rumors?

Sources: MediaTakeOut, Hollywood Life