Khloe Kardashian’s been going through a lot of changes these days — filing for divorce from her husband of four years and working her butt off to lose 30 pounds, to name a few — so why not add some new tattoos into the mix?!

The 29-year-old reality star took to Instagram on Monday, March 31, where she shared some sexy snaps of her fresh new ink. One photo showed a black cross at the top of her cleavage, while another pictured both the cross and two small Ks on the edges of her palms.

Khloe’s certainly no stranger to going under the needle, as she’s collected several small tattoos throughout the last few years. She sports the words “I love you” on her wrist in her late father’s handwriting, as well as Lamar Odom’s initials below the thumb on her right hand.

That said, Khloe’s been careful not to get too much ink, so we doubt these tattoos were drawn with anything more than a permanent marker. Further fueling our speculation is the fact that Khloe’s younger sister Kylie was also donning some fresh non-permanent designs, including an intricate sun on her right foot.

What do you think? Are Khloe’s tattoos the real deal or will they wash off with a little soap and water?