Khloe Kardashian certainly seems to be getting close with Moroccan-born rapper French Montana these days, but rumor has it French’s ex, Trina, is not too happy about it. But according to a report from, the reality star’s attitude is that Trina’s feelings are Trina’s concern — not her own.

“What Trina thinks of Khloe is none of Khloe’s business,” a friend of Khloe’s tells the site. “French never brings her up to Khloe so therefore, she’s not an issue for Khloe.”

Some reports have indicated that Khloe is responsible for ending the romantic relationship between Trina and French (real name Karim Kharbouch), but the insider says the reality star is no man-snatcher.

“Khloe’s not trying to steal anyone from anybody.” And don’t expect Khloe to stray from her no-drama ways in this potential love triangle, either. The source says Koko’s “not about to sit up here and have a catfight with another woman over a man. Not Khloe. Not ever.”

Good for her! However, it doesn’t sound like Trina is the sole person who’s less than pleased about her potential budding relationship. According to, his neighbors would also rather not see French hooking up with a Kardashian. The site claims folks in the New Jersey suburb where he currently resides (when not in L.A.) worry “she’s going to bring paparazzi and disturb the peace in the neighborhood.”

We guess that too is their problem, not Khloe’s!