Hollywood Gym Owner Does Intensive Kickboxing While Eight Months Pregnant!
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Hollywood Gym Owner Does Intensive Kickboxing While Eight Months Pregnant!

Ah, pregnancy. A glorious time when most women strap on some gloves, squeeze their bodies into spandex, and head to the gym for a relaxing round of kickboxing. Oh wait, no one does that — except Hollywood gym owner Crystal Green, who most certainly isn't letting being eight months pregnant get in the way of running a kickboxing boot camp!

While training for a bikini contest, Crystal just assumed that she wasn’t pushing herself hard enough when she failed to slim down. She soon realized that she was, in fact, pregnant. "I knew something was different in my body," Crystal tells The Daily Mail. "I wasn't losing weight and I just felt like my belly was in a bloated state. It wasn't flat and rock-hard like it should have been."

Surprisingly, Crystal's doctors have encouraged her to keep working out as long as she doesn't experience complications, though she has taken a step back from her extreme core classes. So, what is Crystal's plan when it comes to dropping the weight? She's giving herself an entire year to get back in shape!

"I hear it takes about nine months and I'm giving myself an extra three months to tweak it perfectly, to get my body better than it was," she says.

So, basically three times as long as it took Kim Kardashian! Good for her for taking her time.

Would you continue working out while pregnant? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: The Daily Mail

11.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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