How Did Facebook Help Return a Kidnapped Newborn in Quebec?
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How Did Facebook Help Return a Kidnapped Newborn in Quebec?

A mother in Canada was horrified to find that her baby had been stolen from the hospital room where she had just given birth hours before. Thankfully, the newborn was returned to her safely three hours later. How? The power of social media!

According to ABC News, Melissa McMahon, the mother of the day-old baby girl, Victoria, was recovering in her hospital room Monday night in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. Suddenly, a woman allegedly came into her room and snatched the infant away.

Security cameras at the hospital were able to identify a woman posing as a nurse in scrubs entering the hospital ward, explaining to the staff on duty that she needed to weigh the baby. Police immediately issued an Amber Alert — which included a description of the woman and the make and model of her car reported by people who had seen her flee the scene.

The Amber Alert was soon widely publicized by local citizens on Facebook. After seeing the post, four young local residents realized that the alleged kidnapper was actually one of their neighbors. After identifying the vehicle from the surveillance video, they contacted the police and guided them to the woman’s residence.

When they arrived, police found the newborn unharmed, and returned Victoria to her mother. The woman was arrested and, according to police, is currently in the hospital. Police say they are determining her mental condition and whether she will be charged with kidnapping.

In gratitude, Melissa issued the following statement on her own Facebook page the next day: “Every click, every share made the difference. Four marvellous people, whom we had the chance to meet, identified this woman thanks to Facebook ... We felt a huge amount of support from the public. This victory is for you, too!"

We sure do love stories with happy endings. Best of luck, baby Victoria, you’ll have quite a tale to tell when you’re older!

Source: ABC News

05.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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