Kids React to the Ridiculous Outrage Over Mixed Race Cheerios Ad (VIDEO)


Kids React to the Ridiculous Outrage Over Mixed Race Cheerios Ad (VIDEO)

We still can't get over the ridiculous stink certain racist people made over the Cheerios commercial that featured mixed race parents. But for the kids featured in this brilliant video follow-up, people are just people, and oh how we wish everyone could see the world through the eyes of children once again.

In the video, kids of various races and ages are shown the original Cheerios commercial and asked to describe it. The result? They say things like, “nice,” “normal,” and, as one little boy simply put it, “It was a Cheerios commercial!” We’re with you, little dude. We’re with you.

When the interview revealed that people were angry about the ad, the kids were totally confused. When he then revealed that the reason some were angry was because the parents were a mixed race couple, the kids were downright annoyed (and as well they should be). As one girl jokingly said, “When did they make this video, the 1950s?” She went on to say, “That’s so stupid!”

One sweet little girl referenced George Washington and how he set up our freedom for us as a country and yada, yada, yada. Amen, sister.

One young boy said, “It’s just the color of their skin.”

One of the best comments was, “Nobody likes an evil, mean, stinky bully,” but our favorite had to be when one boy said, “If people really love each other, then they should get married.”

Need we say more? We think not!

Source: YouTube

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07.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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