Kieffer Delp Says Jenelle Evans Is Too Smart to Ever Date Him Again
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Teen Mom

Kieffer Delp Says Jenelle Evans Is Too Smart to Ever Date Him Again

Remember that time our favorite wandering minstrel-slash-pipe maker Kieffer Delp got Jenelle Evans hooked on smack? We watched the whole sad story go down during the Season 4 finale of Teen Mom 2, all the while binge-eating Alfredo sauce and hiding beneath our dark green hoodies. Horrific doesn't even begin to describe what we all witnessed.

Unfortunately, things only got worse for Jenelley, who accompanied Kieffer to New Jersey in the fall of 2012, where rumor has it they continued abusing heroin until Barbara Evans intervened. Jenelle returned to North Carolina shortly after, kicking her drug habit (and Kieffah habit!) to the curb for good.

But is our girl really over The Delp? Sure, she's technically married to the felon formerly known as Courtland Rogers, but as he sits in jail on a bajillion dollar bond (for heroin possession, no less), Jenelle's tweeting up a storm with her former flame. They've even been doing some online gaming together.

So are they rekindling their romance? As if! Jenelle told her Twitter followers they're not together or even hanging out, and Kieffer assured fans they haven't hooked up in eight months.

We always gave Kieffer the benefit of the doubt (after all, he did write Jenelle a sonnet more beautiful than Shakespeare), but this guy is bad news bears. Always has been, always will be. And even Kieffer agrees!

"She is smarter than that," The Delp commented about the possibility of Jenelle taking him back.

Sigh, let's hope he's right! And if you're read this, Jenelle, do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from Kieffer's patchouli-scented pheromones!

What do y'all think? Will Jenelle eventually go back to Kieffer? Tell us below!