Kieffer Goes Without a Hoodie!!! 5 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 10
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Kieffer Goes Without a Hoodie!!! 5 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 10

Do you end every episode of Teen Mom 2 with your jaw on the floor from all the WTF-ery that you just witnessed? We’re right there with you, sista friends.

Teen Mom is the best reality show on television, but sometimes there are moments (usually pertaining to animal print) that make us shake our heads in amazement ... and horror.

Check out the fivebiggest WTF bombs from episode 10!

1. Jenelle Parks Her Car On Her Mom’s Lawn, Kills Numerous Plants

So, turns out there’s a reason why Barbara is always kicking Jenelle out of the house: She’s a hazard to gardens everywhere.

We almost LOLed out our Diet Coke when Jenelle rolled up to her mom’s house, only to screech to a halt on Bab’s grassy front lawn. Basically, we just witnessed the most bad-ass arrival ever.

If Jenelle’s car could talk, it would say “I’m back, bitches!”

2. Jenelle Smokes a Cigarette and Sobs

Jenelle was distraught to find out that she’d have to quit pot-smoking, drinking, partying and Delping, so naturally she chose to celebrate by lighting up a cigarette — the only vice left that won’t land her in jail.

We know Jenelle needs some comfort to get through the rough times, but might we suggest nicotine gum, or perhaps a Red Bull? Her addiction to Kieffer’s unique flavor of love won’t be substituted for a cig, that’s for sure.

Kieffer Goes Without a Hoodie!!! 5 Biggest WTF Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 10
Credit: MTV    

3. Chelsea Works Next to a Giant Poster of a Six-Pack

Jeez, it’s no wonder Chelsea can’t get over Adam! Have you seen her work environment? It’s a veritable hot house of shirtless man-babes flaunting their six-packs!

Year Round Brown is a tanning salon, so naturally they’re going to have photos of orange shirtless hotties, but how is Chelsea supposed to get over her boy troubles with a set of washboard abs staring at her all day?

We suggest that Chelsea plan about a million more tie-dye parties to distract herself from that bicep’s “come hither” look.

4. Kieffer Goes an Entire Episode Without Wearing a Hoodie

Someone go check on Kieffer. We can only imagine that he’s huddled under a bridge somewhere, lost, alone and hoodie-less.

This is the first time we’ve seen Jenelle’s mysterious boyfriend (commonly known as The Delp) without his signature green outfit — in fact he wears it so often that we just assumed it had formed a permanent attachment to his skin.

It was nice to see Kieffer’s arms and all, but honestly, we need him to GTFO of that orange polo shirt and back into his hoodie before we start crying.

5. Jordan Force-Feeds Kailyn Soup

There’s nothing like being sick with a cold and having your boyfriend bring you a big, hot, steaming bowl of inedible soup.

Oh, and by the way — the only reason this is in WTF moments is because WhyTF does no one bring us soup when we’re sick? If only everyone could be as lucky as Kailyn!

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