The Walking Dead Boss: We’re Not Just Killing Off Black Characters
The Walking Dead Boss: We’re Not Just Killing Off Black Characters
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Boss: We’re Not Just Killing Off Black Characters


People have some pretty crazy theories about The Walking Dead, but the latest questions from some fans about why the show keeps killing off African-american characters are pretty ridiculous.

In Season 5, Episode 9 Tyreese (Chad Coleman) was killed off the show and Episode 3 from earlier in this season marked the end for Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.), but we also lost Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) in the Season 5 midseason finale and she was pretty much as white as they come.

What does TWD Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd think of the accusations that the hit AMC show has a tendency to kill off African-American characters? “Look, this is something in this world that we should be cognizant about, so my feeling is: Sure, let's get it out there, let's talk about it," she tells E! Online.

Furthermore, Gale went on to prove that this bizarre complaint basically has no merit. "We've killed a lot more white characters than African-American characters. And not only that, I think it's important to point out that we did cast two African-American actors in roles that were not African-American. In the comic books, Bob was white. And the character of Noah was not an African-American. We just cast the best actor,” she explains.

What’s more? Gale also points out that there are several African-American (and other minority) characters still on the show adding, “Noah is still alive and so is Seth Gilliam, playing Father Gabriel. And obviously both Sasha and Michonne. And let's not forget the character of Glenn has been on the show since the very beginning.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you put persnickety fans in their place!

Do you think that TWD has a tendency to kill off more African-American characters? Sound off below!

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Source: E! Online