Kim Kardashian’s Baby Born Early — Is She OK?
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Kim Kardashian’s Baby Born Early — Is She OK?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their still-publicly-unnamed baby girl to the world last weekend, and we’re glad grandma Kris Jenner has said all is well with mama and baby because they’ve had us worried. After all, Kim went into labor five weeks ahead of schedule, and Baby Kimye was reportedly born weighing under five pounds!

According to RadarOnline, “Kim cried tears of joy and pain before her daughter arrived and although she weighs approximately five pounds or less, the infant is happy and healthy! One report said the baby was placed in an incubator as a precaution.”

Any baby born before 37 weeks gestation is considered premature, and Kim’s wee one was born at about 35 weeks. Low birth weight is defined as being under five pounds, eight ounces, but apparently about 1 in 13 babies born falls in that category, so it’s a fairly common occurrence, and nothing the good doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center haven’t handled before. Nevertheless, being underweight can lead to health complications for a little one, so we’re delighted to hear that everything seems to be OK. Whew!

Now mom and dad, just tell us her name already, won’t you?! We’re dying here!!

Source: Radar Online