Kim D. on Teresa Giudice: “She Knows She’s Innocent” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Kim D. on Teresa Giudice: “She Knows She’s Innocent” (VIDEO)

The federal government may be confident that they have a strong case against Teresa and Joe Giudice for 39 counts a fraud, but at least one friend of the couple’s is equally confident that Tre will be vindicated and won’t spend even one day behind bars.

Close friend and occasional Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Kim “D.” DePaola recently spoke with ET Online about how Teresa is dealing with the news and why she firmly believes her friend is innocent.

Kim noted that her longtime pal is “very strong,” but also said that her spirits have understandably been affected since she and Joe were indicted on 39 counts of federal fraud on July 29.

I don't think she's doing cartwheels outside her house, but I think she knows she knows that she's innocent of these things, and I think she's gonna count on the justice [system] to say that she's vindicated, and she believes in herself. She knows she's innocent, and she's gonna hope for the best.”

Teresa’s innocence, Kim believes, will keep her out of jail in spite of the 50-year prison sentence attached to the crimes she’s been charged with.

“I really do not feel Teresa's gonna to be going to jail,” she explained. But if both Giudices do find themselves in the slammer, Kim knows the couple’s four daughters will be well taken care of by Teresa’s parents.

Check out Kim’s complete interview below, including her thoughts on Juicy Joe.