Kim G. Calls Teresa and Joe Giudice “Criminals” and Their Children “Brats”
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Kim G. Calls Teresa and Joe Giudice “Criminals” and Their Children “Brats”

As Teresa Giudice's arraignment gets closer and closer — the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is scheduled to appear before the judge on August 14 to plead not guilty after being charged with 39 counts of financial fraud — her enemy, Kim Granatell, is continuing her Giudice-bashing rampage.

When news of the scandal first broke out, Kim G. sent Teresa her "wishes," as in she wished that Teresa would "rot in prison." Now she's turning on her children, too.

The gossipy blonde spoke with Wyckoff Patch, expressing her lack of surprise at the charges. "Flashing all that cash, I tried to tell people from day one they were criminals," she snarked.

When the website asked her if she thought Juicy Joe would take the fall, so that Teresa could be around for her four daughters, Kim replied, ''How could he do that? She's on the charges too and the kids are molded into brats anyway," adding that she did feel bad for the children, but ''only if they have to stay with Teresa and Joe.''

Wow. It looks like Kim G. is capitalizing on the Giudice's misfortune to cash in another 15 minutes of fame by being as mean as possible... and it's working.

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Source: Wyckoff Patch