Kim Granatell Celebrates Teresa Giudice’s Possible Jail Time: She’s “Pathetic”!
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Teresa Giudice

Kim Granatell Celebrates Teresa Giudice’s Possible Jail Time: She’s “Pathetic”!

Wow! We know that Kim Granatell isn't a big fan of Teresa Giudice, but this is downright heartless. After news broke that Teresa and Joe pleaded guilty for multiple charges of financial fraud and that the couple would almost certainly be facing jail time, Kim took to her Twitter to gloat about the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple's misfortune.

Kim, who makes occasional appearances on RHONJ, and has never been on good terms with Teresa, had plenty of things to say. Really, really harsh things.

"Orange jumpsuit here we come!!! Make sure they sew 'Miss Entitlement' on the back. Study the jail house rules. U will need it!!," Kim wrote on March 1.

"Be sure to watch All New Lockup Extended Stay' coming right from the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, Except u will be wearing green!!!!" she added.

And, she didn't stop there.

Kim Granatell Celebrates Teresa Giudice’s Possible Jail Time: She’s “Pathetic”!
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"Trade those awful "Payless Shoes" in for some prison issued sneakers 'Catch me if you can' has finally caught your crooked fat ass," she wrote a few days later, before quickly adding, "Get your dirty rag ready… you will be cleaning toilet bowls. And dirty hair brushes."

In her fights with Teresa, Kim feels she’s had the last laugh. “Look who's pathetic now???? Do you remember the reunion show season 2???? I said to myself "she will regret ever saying that". Trust me,” shewrote.

Many of Teresa's supporters came to her defense, calling Kim "jealous" and saying that she was making a fool out of herself.

Even the people that agreed that Teresa had treated Kim badly still urged her to "please let it go" and to "forgive" her before she ended up in her own suffering, just as Teresa has. Another fan pointed out that karma had caught up with Teresa and that it would also catch up with Kim if she kept acting the way she was.

Do you think Kim is being way too harsh? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Source: Kim Granatell on Twitter

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