Kim Granatell Slams Teresa Giudice … For Donating to Charity?
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Kim Granatell Slams Teresa Giudice … For Donating to Charity?

One of the problems with admitting to fraud — in addition to it being illegal — is you lose trust. After that, no matter what you do, it will be questioned.

Last week, RadarOnline ran a story saying Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice sent a $400 check to charity, representing the cash proceeds she made from her recent book signing. A source told the site, “The arrangement was always that Teresa would be giving all proceeds to the Nephcure Foundation, which seeks to find a cure for debilitating kidney diseases. Teresa had several expenses related to the book signing, and several vendors that had to be paid. All of the profits were donated to the charity. In no way whatsoever was Teresa trying to make a quick buck."

Kim Granatell Slams Teresa Giudice … For Donating to Charity?
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However, not all RHoNJ fans applauded Teresa's actions, and her Jersey nemesis Kim Granatell told Radar Teresa is just trying to make herself look good after pleading guilty to 41 counts of fraud.

"It’s disgusting,” Kim G. told Radar. “Why hasn’t she been donating all along?” (How does Kim know she hasn't?) Kim added that she too donates to charity but she's anonymous about it, and she questioned Teresa all of a sudden having this charity to support.

"If she’s remorseful like she says she is, you want to say that at this point because you know your ass is going down,” Kim said. “Where’s the remorse all along? That’s her way of life. She doesn’t know any other way of life.” Kim said Teresa is "very calculating" and she questioned why fans were asked specifically to pay in cash; if it's for charity, she said, you let people pay however they can pay. “If you’re asking for cash, it’s because you don’t want to show income and you’re hiding.”

Kim even added this cynical diss: “Yeah she donated it to charity. I think it’s called the Teresa charity. '$24.50 for me and $.50 for them.'"

Kim had more to say on the subject, but of course it's just total conjecture and not exactly from an unbiased source. She and Teresa aren't exactly BFFs, and Kim G. previously referred to Teresa’s kids “brats,” so it’s not like she can really ride a high horse. But the cash-only request did raise a lot of eyebrows, especially in light of all of Teresa and Joe's admitted financial misbehavior.

Moral of the story: If you have nothing to hide, make sure you have plenty of receipts to back it up. “Cash-only” just gives your enemies more ammunition.

Source: RadarOnline