Kim Kardashian Ate Butter During Pregnancy! (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian Ate Butter During Pregnancy! (VIDEO)

Much — and let’s face it, probably too much — was made of Kim Kardashian’s eating habits during pregnancy. What was she craving? How weird did her cravings get? The reality star gave birth to daughter North on July 15, but now footage from Keeping Up With The Kardashians is revealing another food we never even knew Kim was consuming during her pregnancy... butter.

Yes, butter. But wipe those images of pregnant Jessica Simpson and her reported butter-covered Pop Tarts out of your mind, because Kim’s butter consumption is actually of an entirely different variety. The reality star ate ghee, a type of clarified butter that was recommended by a holistic medicine specialist.

Kim Kardashian Ate Butter During Pregnancy! (VIDEO)
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Kim’s older sis, Kourtney, has been seen downing ghee on the family’s TV show for a while now, and the new clip shows her very much encouraging Kim to take up the habit, as well. “It’s very good for the baby’s brain,” Kourtney tells her sis.

“You’ll try it?” Marta, the holistic specialist implores. “Yeah,” Kim replies. “I’m into it.”

Call us crazy, but we think that Kim might be saying “I’m into it” in this clip just a bit too much. It’s like when your friend keeps buying you those nasty-but-super-trendy green juices and you feel the need to assert daily how much you like drinking green sludge.

It’s healthy, which makes it awesome! And you do like it... right? Yeah. The more you keep telling yourself that, the better chance you might actually believe it.

But hey, we know Kim only wants the best for little North West. If that means taking a few shooters of clarified butter, we’re guessing she thinks that’s worth it.

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