Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Pic of the Day — February 26
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Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Pic of the Day — February 26

Pregnant Kim Kardashian is now over four months along, and the reality star’s baby bump is definitely starting to show.

We got our first good look at the bump — which is currently incubating a little Kim and Kanye West celebutot — back on January 31, when Kim posted a photo on Instagram. Kim was wearing a form-fitting little black dress, and her growing baby bump couldn’t be missed.

Now it’s almost a month later, and Kim has been showing off her growing bump all over town. Some of her outfits have disguised the bulge better than others, but when the reality star heads to the gym, her tight black workout clothes usually do a good job of displaying the bump for all to see.

On February 26, Kim hit up a gym in Los Angeles for a morning workout — something she does at least six days a week. Exhausting, right? Her baby bump can be seen popping out from underneath her jacket.

So far, Kim’s not showing nearly as much in her belly. Her pregnancy curves are rockin’, though. Her famous butt has become rounder and even more voluptuous. Her boobs keep growing and growing, with reports saying she’s up at least two full cup sizes.

But while her butt, hips and chest keep getting curvier and curvier, Kim’s baby bump is still on the smaller side. Baby Kimye seems pretty small for now, but then again... Kim’s not set to give birth until July. Her baby bump still has plenty of time to grow!

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