Kim Kardashian Posts Sexy Bathing Suit Photo to Instagram
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Posts Sexy Bathing Suit Photo to Instagram

Whether Kim Kardashian’s good looks are the work of mother nature or a skilled surgeon is anybody’s guess, but one thing is for sure: her stylist is no slacker when it comes to keeping the reality queen looking trim and on-trend.

On Thursday, Kim posted a TBT photo from 2006 to her Instagram account, and the transformation she’s undergone since is nothing less than spectacular.

In the photo, Kim poses poolside in a skimpy swimsuit with pal Carla DiBello, a producer on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, at the Rehab pool party at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

While she’s rocking more covered up couture duds these days, the photo shows off the Kim the world came to know and love — aviators, oversized hoops, nude lipstick, and all.

Kim’s look has definitely become more streamlined as of late, a change she credits heavily to Kanye West’s influence.

“I definitely feel like my style has evolved a lot,” Kim told Access Hollywood. “I think that my style has simplified a lot. I feel like my lifestyle has just simplified a lot … It really reflects, I think, my more grown-up personality.”

As for the lessons the fashion forward rapper has taught her, Kim revealed, “[Kanye]’s introduced me to new designers and had the stylists go in my closet and show me what they were thinking was a little bit more chic … I think the best style tip I’ve gotten is just to simplify. Less is more.”

Are you surprised at how different Kim looks today?

Source: Instagram / Access Hollywood