Kim Kardashian BFF Says “She’ll Have Her Body Back in Two Months”
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Kim Kardashian BFF Says “She’ll Have Her Body Back in Two Months”

Only a few more weeks to go before reality starlet Kim Kardashian welcomes her daughter with rapper Kanye West into the world, and thank goodness. There are only so many photos of her tragically swollen ankles that we can take.

This poor gal has looked majorly uncomfortable in the last leg of her pregnancy, and she's also been unfairly criticized about her weight gain. Pshhh, haters to the left!

The good news? Kim's bestie, Jonathan Cheban, is coming to her defense, claiming Kim will be back in shape just two months after giving birth!

"She’s so beautiful and she’ll have that body back two months after,” Jonathan tells “I don’t even pay attention to the haters because it’s like Kim’s so gorgeous. I was with her last week and I mean, look at the haters. That’s all I gotta say."

Preach, Jonathan. First of all, Kim's swollen legs have nothing to do with eating too many carbs. Edema is super-common among expectant moms! Second of all, women are supposed to gain weight during their pregnancy, so more power to Kim for indulging her cravings. And by the way, we have no doubt that she'll shed the extra pounds as soon as she pops out Baby Yeezus — though two months does seem kind of quick.

Do you think Kimmy will lose her baby weight in just 60 days? Weigh in (pun intended) below!

Source: YourTango via RadarOnline