Kim Kardashian Threatens to Call the Cops on Kris and Khloe! (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian Threatens to Call the Cops on Kris and Khloe! (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian does not take well to pranks, thank you very much.

In a clip from the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality star is not amused when mom Kris and sis Khloe vandalize her house.

It all starts when Khloe feels like the odd woman out on a shopping trip with Kim and Kourtney.

"Kourt? Kourt? Kourt?" she says, trying unsuccessfully to get her sister's attention.

"I don't like being ignored by you two," she says as no one listens.

"Khloe's been feeling a little left out lately," Kris says with only a hint of condescension, "so I'm gonna show her a really great night on the town."

And by "on the town," Kris means Kardashian standby Casa Vega, which seems to be the best (or maybe only) Mexican restaurant they know.

They wear sombreros and drink shots of tequila, before Kris hatches a plan: "We're gonna play practical jokes on someone like Kim."

So, naturally, they plaster Kim's house and yard with toilet paper.

"Oh, my god," Kim seethes as she and Jonathan Cheban survey the, ahem, damage. "I am so pissed."

"If I wanted to call the cops on you guys, I could," she says later, presumably to Kris and Khloe.

Right, because she spent hours cleaning up the mess herself. Of course!

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