Is Kim Kardashian Crash Dieting To Lose Her Baby Weight?
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Is Kim Kardashian Crash Dieting To Lose Her Baby Weight?

We’ve all heard that Kim Kardashian is desperate to drop the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant with baby daughter North, and she won’t be showing her face (or any of her) in public until she’s back in shape. She’s got the best trainers money can buy, and some seriously badass inspiration from Beyonce, but is Kim going a little overboard in the diet department?

According to the website Scoopla, Kim will be “losing weight the old fashioned way, by breastfeeding baby North regularly and sticking to a strict 1200-calorie-a-day veggie and lean protein diet.”

Twelve hundred calories?! That doesn’t sound crazy low, especially for someone who is only 5 foot 3 like Kimmy, but the woman is still breastfeeding! We’re no nutritionists here, but we’re pretty sure you’re supposed to eat a bit extra while you’re breastfeeding to make up for the calories that burns. But at least the foods Kim does eat will pack a nutritional punch, because her plan apparently includes, “a personal chef whipping up green smoothies made from kale, celery, spinach and coriander.”

That doesn’t sound too bad! But it would take a lot of those smoothies to get to 1200 calories. Then again, this website also referred to Kim as the eldest Kardashian sister, so call us crazy, but we’re doubtful of their insider information.


07.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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