Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Diet in Time For the Holidays
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Diet in Time For the Holidays

Kim Kardashian has worked out, dieted, and otherwise willed herself into terrific shape since giving birth to daughter North West, but even the most ascetic individual could make it through the holiday season without indulging in a few treats here and there.

Kim, who’s been raving about the wonders the Atkins diet has worked on her figure, seems to have ditched her low-carb plan during a trip to her fiance’s native Chicago on Thursday, where she enjoyed some of the Windy City’s most famous fare.

Kim and Kanye stopped into Giordano’s pizzeria to grab a few slices of deep dish pizza before heading out into the chilly evening to pick up the last few items on their Christmas list.

“They walked into the North Rush Street location much to the surprise of everyone,” an eyewitness reveals. “They were both dressed in black.”

The couple ordered a pie before splitting to run a few errands, only to return from their shopping trip with an appetite worked up.

“They told the server how much they loved the pizza and offered to take a photo with the staff later on,” says a source for Life and Style.

When Kim had to run outside to field a phone call, Kanye posed for pics with Giordano’s employees, with Kim returning later to do the same.

“She apologized to them and wished them happy holidays before leaving again,” adds the insider.

This isn’t the first time Kim and Kanye have tried to spread a little holiday cheer recently — just two weeks ago, the reality star invited a super-fan to sit with her in the VIP section at her fiance’s show and even got the curmudgeonly rapper to pose for some highly-circulated photos with the lucky girl.

Source: Life and Style