Kim Kardashian Divorce Is Final: How is Kris Humphries Doing?
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Kim Kardashian Divorce Is Final: How is Kris Humphries Doing?

Kris Humphries’ marriage to Kim Kardashian is finally over, and the NBA player isn’t mourning the loss of his relationship one bit.

"I'm happy. I've got a big smile on my face," the 28-year-old told reporters at the June 10 premiere for the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. Kris married the reality star in August 2012, and she filed for divorce just 72 days later.

However, the marriage didn’t officially end until as recently as early June. The cause for this year and a half long delay? Instead of signing the divorce papers, Kris initially sought to get the marriage annulled on the basis that Kim defrauded him into marriage for the sole purpose of reality TV ratings.

In the end, however, Kris dropped the case and agreed to a traditional divorce. But even he didn’t get everything he wanted, it still sounds like Kris couldn’t be happier to see his union ended.

Given that Kim has already moved on to a new love — rapper boyfriend (and soon-to-be-baby-daddy) Kanye West — it raises the question: Has Kris moved on, too?

"I don't have any [girlfriends] right now," the NBA star told reporters. He doesn’t have any girlfriends? Uh... that’s good to hear. Girls are notoriously bad at sharing when it comes to situations like these, after all.

But does he have a girlfriend... (singular)? Stop evading the question, dude.

Source: Us Weekly